Take one Pole, driven from the old world, befuddled by the new. Put him in bondi, where the glitter of capitalism can distract him. Introduce hime to an Australian woman who is delightfully different from the European woman he has known. The result is compelling - a sharp interplay of temperament, history and desire.

The story operates within a tradition that is strongly narrative. Wojtek, the central character, is romantic, insecure and intensely suspicious. He pursues independent Anne to a remote village in Papua New Guinea, where a meeting of cultures comes to a powerful climax.

The basis of Walk to Kulentufu is conflict – and obsession. East chases West, adventure triumphs over delay, while love struggles to surface amid an ocean of doubt and suspicion.

“Morgan has crafted two fine and complex characters … and explored with intelligence and insight the migrant condition.”

~ Adelaide Advertiser

“Morgan’s observations contain some sharp truths about the nature of Australia, of politics and relationships. She has written an angry, gripping novel, almost frightening in its intensity. Walk to Kulentufu is a big novel…”

~ Melbourne Herald